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Factory ODM wood upholstery fabric hotel restaurant furniture chair
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:06    

Four ideas tell you how to decorate your hotel restaurant furniture hall.
1.The division of the restaurant functional area. This area include 3 part, the main food preparing section, the beverage providing section and sweetmeats section. The designer should according to the different function to make reasonable design for it.
2.The hotel kitchen including the inside food hall and kitchen for customer. The outside kitchen is for customer, this area design should considering the whole hotel design concept, make the dining hall decoration integrate with the whole hotel design.
3.The lighting choosing for hotel restaurant furniture, should avoid too bright lighting or too dim lighting. Too dark lighting will cause customer unease.
4.The hotel restaurant furniture corridor should be big enough to make sure people work convenient.

Many years ago, Our factory set out to create a corporate mission statement that would guide the actions of everyone in the hotel furniture production business China. Our goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do every day on behalf of our customer.

How to decorate the hotel themed restaurant?

1.The lobby area is the showcase of the hotel, the image of the lobby is quiet important, it represent the hotel image and culture ideas, so the impression of the hotel lobby decoration is the core soul of the whole design.

2.The hotel entrance design also very important, it give customer first impression strike, let the customer feeling respect.

3.The hotel furniture entrance and door hall also the logo of the hotel, it is great importance to the hotel brand marketing.

4.The design of the hotel restaurant, hotel lobby area, hotel corridor all should be integrate with the whole hotel space design concept. It have modern style, court style, classic style to choose.

5.The hotel lobby hall area should be right percentage with the hotel total room quantity. Too big hotel lobby hall with small quantity hotel bedroom furniture or too small hotel lobby with big quantity hotel room are not right.

6.Pay attention to the privacy of the customer. Private room space is quite important for hotel restaurant furniture. Businessman and people working in the government are also required a quiet and private space for them to have meal and communicate.

7.The ventilated and smoke ejecting. Children, aged people, pregnant women are all need a space well in ventilated. Air circulation should be pay great attention.

8.The hotel restaurant lighting should be in reasonable brightness. Too bright or too dark are all not acceptable.

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