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China factory customized wood hotel restaurant furniture
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:07    

How to decorate your hotel restaurant furniture hall?
1.The divide of your restaurant function area. The dining hall is the place providing food, but the cooking area have 3 kind. Main food, beverage, and sweety. These 3 type of cooking should be divide in reasonable area. Some business type hotel also will have customer business center for those customer need communication when having meal.
2.The design of hotel restaurant kitchen.
3.The restaurant lighting design.
4.The hotel restaurant corridor design.

The design concept of hotel restaurant furniture reference.

People are hoping have a good environment for their meal time, they always don’t like to a place where it is too noisy. For business meal and government working people attendant, private room become very important, they all require a quiet and private place to communicate while having their meal.

A brief concept hotel restaurant furniture China also can also help the hotel host to express their running ideas and culture to their target customer. This also shows the hotel restaurant standard, and service ideas.

Then how to decorate your hotel restaurant furniture with your design ideas.

1.The designer should have a brief ideas of the hotel restaurant operation running ideas at the beginning. Such as the target market capacity, food business demands trend. At the same time, the designer also should integrate the restaurant design with the hotel whole design style. After considering these, then start to make design for the restaurant.

2.The restaurant design should avoid line all the table in the whole dining hall, that is lack of privacy. The private room space are quite important for restaurant, especially for those business type hotel. The designer can consider use glass partition or some wooden panel with hollow design, it can make the dining hall look spacious, but also give customer each separate space to have their meal, and give them a quiet space to communicate while having their dinner.

3. The ventilated and eject smoke problem also should be pay attention to. For those family meal, with children, old people, pregnant woman, they are special require a space with ventilate air condition.

4.The restaurant lighting can not be too bright or too dark. In the center of the hotel restaurant furniture table area, the lighting can be more bright to shows the food condition. But in the place where sitting, the lighting should be dark a little, to avoid the unease of the eye.

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