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Luxury Sheraton wooden hotel bedroom furniture factory for sale
    Publish time 2023-07-04 18:05    

We are providing hotel bedroom furniture for many brand hotel like Sheraton, Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, and so on. This set is the one we make in 2018, Sheraton Shanghai China hotel. We are the professional factory with more than 10+ years experience for furniture production. We have 30,000 SQM factory, and 4,000 SQM showroom with many sample room on display. Hotel without their own design for furniture can select sample for our showroom.

Material of 5 star international brand hotel bedroom furniture sets

1.How to choose the timber wood for furniture? First we should choose the timber with water rate between 7% to 12%. If the water rate lower than 7%, the timber wood will be easy to crash when meet hot and dry weather, especially for middle east country like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and so on. Asia country like India, and those Africa country. If the water rate higher than 12%, the wood will easy to be damage, the furniture will be broken within years, it will decreas the life of the furniture.

2.For the furniture painting finish, there also have a lot of knowleage should know. Open painting finish is more active and real, but it is easy to be scratch, so for those hotel with busy use, not suggest open painting finish. And not all the wood veneer can be make in open painting, it also need to depend on the wood veneer type.

For close painting finish, it have matt and high glossy type for choose. Normally, 5 star hotel like Sheraton, Hilton, they also use matt painting finish, as they persuit design in modest and elegant, matt finish always achieve it better.

Our Service

1.As a professional hotel furniture factory with more than 8 years export experience, we are dealing with many international hotel furniture project, and we have communicate with many foreign customer. We know some customer are quite worry about their first business trip to China, so we provide pick up service if customer needs. 

We also provide hotel booking, if customer tell us which brand hotel they would like to stay. Or if they would like some local good hotel with reasonable price, we can also recommend some for them.

And for the food, we will tell customer which area have the food suitable for their eating custom.


1.Q: If we provide you our BOQ list and furniture image, can you make quotation for us?

R: Yes, that is enough for us to make quotation already, we will give feedback within 48 hours. 

2.Q: After we get your quotation, how to going on the next step?

R: First we need communicate with each other for the details, to see if we have both understand each others requirement better. And if some place customer need to change, then we will update the quotation.

3.Q: After we agree on the price, can we make hotel furniture mock up room first?

R: Yes, sure. Mock up room is very important. Make mock up before mass production can give customer an option, and change some details if it is not good.

Don't hesitate to leave message to us by , we are the right hotel furniture factory China for you !

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