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Fabric or leather upholstery China Foshan restaurant furniture chair
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:08    

Hotel Restaurant Furniture design concept.

Recently, first all customer are requiring a good eating environment when come to a restaurant hall, if there are too noisy when all the people combine together, there will be reduce the score of the restaurant. Secondly, business dinner will be a big majority. So the individual small dining hall can update the restaurant grade, to show the importance of their customer, and also can have a quiet environment for their communication. And government administrate people also the main customer in hotel restaurant furniture, they special required private space for their dinner, especially for those small city.


What is the main point of hotel restaurant hall furniture decoration?

1.    The design concept should be accurate.

The restaurant design first should pay attention to running, and also should be focus on customer needs. So first should have research of the target market, analysis the market capacity, restaurant furniture demand trends. Second, should consider the hotel furniture whole design style, the restaurant whole plan schedule, the standard of the star grade, and the input and output question regarding to decoration.

2.    Should protect the customer privacy.

Hotel restaurant furniture should not design plan with a line of table, as that design will let the whole restaurant be discover in one look, and make the restaurant without any privacy, and the space look tired. Currently it is very popular with all kind of glass with hollow design, combine together make it looks special in design, and at the same time divide the area in several part, give customer private space.

3.    Ventilated and eject smoke are also important.

There are not only male customer will come to have meal in hotel restaurant furniture China, but also old people , children, pregnant woman will also come together. If the air in the hotel are not circulate well, it will be easy to lose customer.

4.    Lighting problem also should be consider.

Lighting design is very important. Too bright or too dark will cause discomfort to customer when have meal in the hotel restaurant. The center lighting for the table can be a little bright, and the seating area can be a little dark.

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