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Furniture Engraving
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What is the different way of furniture sculpture?

Engraving is one of the normal decoration way of hotel furniture, it require the craftsman should have the high technology, and use the crafting tool familiar. If the craftsman are quite familiar with the work, the sculpture will be at good decoration effect, that also need the craftsman quite skillful with it.

All kind of sculpture on hotel furniture, which make it more equip with art feeling. The sculpture picture work on the furniture are expressing the feeling of human pursuit beautiful life. The engraving pattern are vivid, rely on the skillful sculpture technology. In the modern hotel furniture engraving, the most classical 4 types of sculpture is thread facelift, relief, deep carved and circular engravure.

Thread facelift normally use the V shape lance-shaped knife sculpture on the plan, the nicking will insert in the wood. It is great use on the surface of screen, cabinet top furniture, using the picture of human or writing, the line always be clear.

Relief normally means those pattern on above the bottom surface, it is often use in furniture decoration. Relief according the deepness of the pattern can be divide into deep relief, middle relief and light relief.
For example, deep relief is higher than the bottom surface from 30mm to 60mm, sometimes will be hollow, and vivid, look more stereoscopic.
Light relief always be 3mm to 15mm above hotel furniture plan, look more natural.

Deep carved means the way which the sculpture will penetrate to the bottom of the furniture. It through the sculpture skill penetrate to the panel bottom, remove the unnecessary part, highlight the pattern, make the furniture look more beautiful.

Circular engravure is the three -dimensional sculpture way.

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