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Our Cooperation

As a professional hotel furniture custom made factory in China founded in 2008, throughout so many years of hotel bedroom furniture production experience, we are experience in customized hotel furniture production and keep update our skills and technology to meet the latest design and market apartment furniture requirement.
We have our first cooperation with RAMADA in 2014, and keep our long cooperation with them, then provide hotel room furniture and lobby furniture for their second hotel in 2017.
We are quite confident with our cooperation with them, will keep last long term business relationship.


RAMADA is one of the hotel brand under the world biggest hotel group Wyndham , founded in 1954, USA named RAMADA INTERNATIONAL, and change to RAMADA in year 1959, and sell its franchise rights at the same year, which means the brand and management have already go into mature period.  
After successfully open its market on North America, South America and Europe, in 1981, RAMADA start to march to the Asia market. RAMADA owns nearly 900 international hotel in 50 countries, throughout 800 district. After years effort in China, RAMADA have already open its 48 hotels in China, in the main city like Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Sanya, Chongqing, Dalian and so on.
On March 2013, Wyndham group announce to open 8 RAMADA hotels in China before 2014, to increase the hotel business brand influence of RAMADA.

Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts is a worldwide chain hotel with its unique development ideas, they always located in the beautiful, historic, and amazing place.
Hotel history
If the successful of the hotel depending on the hotel room furniture quantity, then Aman Resorts are quite beyond the standard. It never focus on the target to be the biggest one, it tend to to become the small, mystery, and charming one.
Adrian Zecha, the founder of the hotel says, “it is not meaning we are better than those big hotel, as we are so small. This is also the difference of us, we are unique, it is like that. Aman Resorts are coordinate with the modern lifestyle. We are providing an endless life enjoyment. ”
Hotel Characteristic
The 26 Aman Resorts throughout 19 countries, everyone are unique, not only by its location, but also by its design, atmosphere and the feeling of the customer. The first one Aman Resorts idea of “ peace place ” was come by accident. Adrian Zecha originally just would like to find a place to live in Phuket Island, but he found a beautiful coconut garden, which gave him the ideas to build a small resort place, that is the first concept and foundation of Aman Resorts. The first Aman Resorts start in January 1988, contains 40 hotel bedroom and 30 villa resort.
We are very lucky and be honor to provide some part of the hotel furniture, apartment furniture and villa furniture for Aman Resorts. Thanks to our experience and responsible attitude, we are get highly pride by the owner for our good quality hotel furniture. And the owner treat as the good partner of hotel furniture factory China for customized furniture. And looking forward to our cooperation to their next hotel.

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